About Us

Zenodeco has been working on wood works for almost 20 years,with self-owned wood furniture workshop and panel furniture workshop,can fully support any projects with wood works for residential and villas,from the dimension measurement on construction site,deepen the draft and making drawings with designers,to finished products installation and after-sale services.

Items for Wholes House Fitted Furniture

Regards to the whole house fitted furniture, not only the bespoke fitted wardrobes, but also including below items that can be sure made together:

1.      Fitted Wardrobes Closet

2.      Bedrooms Wardrobes

3.      Fitted Cupboards

4.      Bathroom Cabinets

5.      Diner Room Cabinets

6.      Wooden Storage Lockers

7.      Mudroom Lockers

8.      Kitchen Cabinets

9.      Other Fitted Furniture.

Basically all interior fitted furniture could be made once we got the detailed drawings and requirements, please feel free to contact us to get support for any project.

Fitted Wardrobes Main Materials:

With strongly research team work, Zenodeco has develop wide range furniture materials for fitted wardrobes, and we can provide different competitive solutions to our clients according to their different market, different project requirements, even for different budgets.

The Zenodeco Fitted Wardrobes can be made by below materials:

1.      Various Color Melamine Multiplayer Plywood

2.      Types of Veneered Plywood Board

3.      Eco-Friendly Lacquered Plywood | MDF Board

4.      Types of Solid Wood Board

5.      HPL Laminated Multiplayer Plywood

6.      Other Materials.

Fitted Wardrobes Designs:

As we all know that, no matter what design of the fitted wardrobes closet, it can provide lots of versatile storage space for all your clothes, hats,bags,ties,shoes and more. Zenodeco fitted wardrobes can be with many designs to meet space and various functional requirements.

The main designs according to the appearance of fitted wardrobes:

1.      Modern Fashion Design Wardrobes,

It’s with simple but classic appearance design, the wardrobe normally being white color, grey color and other fashion colors. And the surface looks simple that without too much other materials or module design.

2.      Antique Design Wardrobes.

It’s called European design sometimes for some market.in this design, all wardrobe doors and are with module design, meanwhile, normally will be with the crown moulding on top, columns on front and sides, and special shaped, which looks grand design.

3.      Light Luxury Design Wardrobes.

This design of fitted wardrobes will be mixed many other materials application. Like stainless steel deco plate or strips, leather, glass, and some other materials that making the whole wardrobes looks sharp and luxurious.

4.      Chinese Style and the New Chinese Style Design Wardrobes

Chinese Style wardrobes are popular in the China and some countries that like China Culture. While the New Chinese Style are widely like by the young people in nowadays.

If you have any suggestions or question for us.Please contact us.